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Marla Durnin
Dr. Azim is fantastic!! He treats you like family from the time you enter the office. He has the latest technology that makes any procedure you are having as easy as possible. I had not been to the dentist in a quite some time, and he put me at ease and has taken great care of all my dental needs. I highly recommend Paris Dental!!!!
Rebecca Fillon
Dr. Azim and Maryam are wonderful - their office is clean and modern with the latest technology, they are most welcoming, always professional, and pain-free! We appreciate your services and care!
Cynthia C
I absolutely love this dental office. They are very nice. They are very personable. They make you feel like you’ve known them forever. They are very understanding and are fairly priced. Another dental office told me I needed 2 extractions, but Dr Azim was able to save my second tooth with a root canal. I cannot recommend them enough! 😃
Estrella Patron
Clean and modern office that is so comfortable and welcoming The absolute newest technology dentistry has to offer. Paris dental is the diamond of Murrieta I am fortunate enough to be close by… but would travel a great distance to able to get all my dental work done here. My whole life I have been prone to cavities and have always had a mouth full of metal, it’s been a great insecurity of mine for as long as I can remember. We were referred to Paris dental by our friends and neighbors, the amazing team at Paris dental Dr.Azim his lovely wife and their fantastic assistant treated me like I was family. Always going above and beyond with my care. Making sure I was always comfortable and in zero pain. Most people would be absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of work I needed done but they made me feel so at ease and confidant about the whole process, I actually look forward to all my visits. And now thanks to this amazing team I have the smile that I’ve always wanted. A smile that I can be proud to show off. I can not give enough thanks to Dr. Azim and his amazing team! 100% the best dentist they literally work magic. I was so grateful for his attention to detail and the fact that he is a perfectionist. I will continue to recommend them to everyone, it is now where all of my family now goes for anything dental. And they have a lifelong happy customer. I will be back every 3 months for one of those refreshing cleanings. Absolutely amazing! You leave the office feeling like a million bucks.
Farida Roshna
Paris Dental has so much modern dental technology I have ever seen! I’ve been to a lot of different dental office all same & boring! But when I came to Paris Dental I was amazed of how great my teeth looked after my cosmetic dental work done by dr Azim.. thanks to Dr Azim and his team for giving me smile back!
Lily Sam
Dr. Azim amazing!! he knew I needed treatment for special deadline and he was great to fit me in and did his best to satisfy my need. That’s service! Excellent Care and everyone there pays close attention to your needs. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great dentist!
Saffi Waliyar
Dr. Azim and the staff at Paris Dental are absolutely amazing. Besides the excellent service they have to offer for all your dental needs, they go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. I know some dental offices fall short of that, but not at Paris dental. Highly highly recommended giving them a visit the next time you need dental work.
Geoff Thomas
Had a crown done and a followup cleaning. Very pleased with this new practice. Dr. Azim has the best equipment and is very tech savvy. His hygienist, also his wife, is excellent. Highly recommend!
nick wado
I’ve practically had a crown in every tooth but I still get nervous and I still get impatient, but somehow, Dr. Azim keeps me calm. I can feel his passion and love behind his work. I’ve had veneers done by him, outstanding. And to get my crowns done same day I cant begin to describe the convenience it provides. My last dentist, I’d have to revisit every two weeks for one crown and then crown didn’t fit so Id revisit another two weeks and then I came back they didn’t fit another two weeks of run around wasted time, it was horrible. We are truly blessed to have a doctor like doctor Azim and all I have to say is he Has to be one of the, If not the best dentist in the US!!! Thank you Dr Azim, for saving my smile and my teeth! God Bless!
Naw Wad
Awesome Awesome Doc! Pain free dentist. Who’s heard of such a thing! Highly recommend.


Excellence in cosmetic dentistry and complete smile makeovers in Murrieta.

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Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Dental implants call for experts with education and practical knowledge. When determining the best course of action, our knowledgeable dentists will discuss with you.

Root Canals

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Porcelain Veneers

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Dental Implants

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Dr. Noorullah Azim, DDS, is committed to providing exceptional clinical care and putting his patients’ needs first. He does this by staying abreast of dental advancements and completing advanced training in areas such as cosmetic dentistry, computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM), implant dentistry, oral surgery, endodontics, orthodontics, and full mouth rehabilitation.For your convenience, we have all of the most up-to-date dental technology and equipment to provide you with a precise clinical diagnosis and less invasive procedures during your dental checkups and cleanings. Due to his dedication to learning new technologies, Dr. Azim is able to provide patients with the best possible care using the most cutting-edge tools available.


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